This is something that we are currently always asked, something that we are always shocked about. So, when is the right time for you to back up your website?

The truth is, there is never a specific right time to back up your website. The truth is, you should be backing up the data for your website as often as possible. It is best to back up this data at least daily so that you, and anyone using your website is protected. If anything was to go wrong, you need to remember that you are relying on the most recent backup of your website to get it up and running once again. So, the more up to date the backup is, the better this is for your business and your website viewers.

Every time a change is made to your website, no matter how big or small, you should create a new backup of your website. This way you know that you will always have the most recent and up to date version of your website on hand whenever you could possibly need it.

If you want to protect your website, regular backups are the way to go. It is the way forward for every business and you should be taking the time to do this. We recommend that every time you think about backing up your website, you do it. This way you will be filling your need of protecting your website. You will be giving yourself the most protection and the best version of your site if things were to go wrong.

So, there is never a right time to back up your website. The right time is simply whenever. Whenever you think about this do it. Do it as regularly as you can to keep yourself, your website, and your website users protected.