Let’s start with some simple definitions:

Disaster Recovery is the process of having a security plan in place that will protect your business from security attack in a natural or human-induced disaster. It is a plan that has been put in place to avoid these disasters, as well as ensuring these disasters cause minimal disruption.

Backups are essentially making another copy of your data in another place. This can either be on the cloud or an external hard drive. This can then be used to retrieve your data in the event of a disaster.

So, why do you need both of these? Won’t one of the other do?

In the online world, it is extremely important that you have both a Disaster recovery and backups in place for if a disaster was to ever occur. It is important that you have both of these in place for the pure fact if one of them fails, you will still have the other one to rely on.

Both of these options come with their benefits, which is why we believe you should always have both in place. With a disaster recovery system, you will be preventing the cause of serious damage. You will be protecting your business right from the beginning of any attack. Then, with data backups, you know you will always have a recent backup on hand for if your disaster recovery system was to fail.

The main issue with creating backups is remembering. Every time aspects are changed you will need to make a new and up to date backup. As the only backup, you will have is the one that has been most recently created. Meaning you may lose some of your work and efforts if you do not continuously backup your data.