For many people, it soon became apparent that burning CD’s is a time-consuming way of backing up data, and with them proving easy to damage, online backup services are increasingly being used, especially by businesses.

Finding a good data backup provider is fundamental but testing is perhaps even more important and the responsibility lies with you and your own business. It’s important that you don’t rely on your data backup provider without question, the slightest of errors can cause problems, and a test doesn’t take long, so make sure you do all you can to prevent any disasters.

Depending on how often you make major changes in data, regular testing may be required, and why not stop there? One back-up doesn’t always mean you can never be struck by complications, you could even back up your back up, and the fact that many people do shows exactly how serious it is to test data, and make certain that you have a bulletproof data backup plan. Some companies never recover from disasters, so make sure your business doesn’t follow in the same footsteps.